Nhạc phim hoạt hình công chúa barbie

bài xích hát không lấy phí (barbie as the princess và the pauper ost) vì ca sĩ Barbie thuộc thể nhiều loại Au My Khac.

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Tìm loi bai hat không tính phí (barbie as the princess và the pauper ost) - Barbie ngay lập tức trên xeotocaocap.com. Nghe bài hát không lấy phí (Barbie As The Princess & The Pauper OST) rất chất lượng 320 kbps lossless miễn phí.
Ca khúc Free (Barbie As The Princess và The Pauper OST) vì chưng ca sĩ Barbie thể hiện, thuộc thể nhiều loại Âu Mỹ khác. Các chúng ta cũng có thể nghe, download (tải nhạc) bài bác hát không tính phí (barbie as the princess & the pauper ost) mp3, playlist/album, MV/Video không tính phí (barbie as the princess and the pauper ost) miễn tổn phí tại xeotocaocap.com.
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bài bác hát: free (Barbie As The Princess & The Pauper OST) - BarbieAll my life i"ve always wanted to have one day just for me:Nothing khổng lồ do và for once nowhere i need lớn be,With no lessons, lords, or lunches or to-do list in the way,No one lớn say when lớn eat or read or leave or stay...That would be the day...Erika: All my life i"ve always wanted khổng lồ have one day for myself:Not waking up with a pile of work on every shelf,With no hems in need of pressing và no sleeves in disarray,No wedding gown with a thousand stitches lớn crochet...And no debt lớn pay...*spoken*Eri ka: huh! Madame carp! Madame carp: what bởi vì you think i’m running here? A cabaret?Erika: i would have said a debtor’s prison.Madame carp: keep laughing.

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You’ll be working for me for another 37 years.Erika: but i"ve already paid off more than a half.Madame carp: but there’s interest, isn’t there? Your parents should have thought of that before they borrowed so much.Erika: they did it to feed me.Madame carp: their mistake.Erika: what would it be like to be...Anneliese: what would it be like to be...Both: free...?Anneliese: không lấy phí to try crazy thingsErika: không lấy phí from endless iou"s (i owe you)Anneliese: free to flyErika: không lấy phí to singAnneliese: & marry whom i choose.*spoken*Qu een: i’m so sorry, my darling, but as you know it is vital that you marry king dominic. It is the only way lớn take care of our people.Anneliese: i know. It’s my duty.Queen: ah! & look, another engagement gift!Anneliese: You would think that i"m so lucky, that i have so many thingsI"m realizing that every present comes with stringsErika:Thoug h i know i have so little, my determination"s strongPeople will gather around the world to lớn hear my song...Woman:Can i come along?Anneliese: now i fear i"ll never be...Erika: soon i will forever be...Both: freeBoth: i close my eyes và feel myself fly a thousand miles away.I could take flight but would it be right? My conscience tells me stay.Anneliese: i"ll remain forever royal.Erika: i"ll repay my parent"s debt.Both: duty means doing the things your heart may well regret.Anneliese: but i"ll never stop believing. Erika: she can never stop my schemes.Both: there"s more to living than gloves & gowns and threads and seams. In my dreams, i"ll be free.