Gomu Gomu No Mi/Gear Third Techniques

Gear Third was Luffy"s ultimate size for a long time. These techniques have helped him and the Straw Hats out of some tough situations.

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One Piece Gear Third Featured Split Image
One of the greatest manga of all time follows the epic tale of pirates & their search for the greatest treasure in the world called the One Piece. Created in 1997 by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece has been going strong for over a decade and counting. The series is rich with world building, heart, great action, fun characters, và a dense plot that always manages khổng lồ keep fans guessing.

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The main characters, the Straw Hat Pirates, have overcome obstacle after obstacle due to their team work & individual strengths. Their captain Monkey D. Luffy has the Gomu Gomu no mày Devil Fruit which means that he has formidable stretch powers. While his power is great, he still is pushed to lớn his limits with every major battle that he has.

10 Hone Fusen

Hone Fusen Luffy
One of the earliest techniques Luffy showcased in Gear Third, this attack packs a massive wallop. First seen in his epic battle against CP-9 leader Rob Lucci, this move makes most projectiles useless against Luffy. By biting into his finger và blowing air into his bones Luffy can inflate his entire body. For the most part, he uses this particular technique to inflate just one hand or his legs. Since it has first appeared, this move has evolved into some very powerful attacks.

Gomu Gomu no Gigant Bazooka In Action
The original Gigant Bazooka attack is a well known classic attack Luffy has utilized many times. This variant on it increases its nguồn exponentially, it even managed to take down the giant Oars. This technique works mostly because of the sheer force behind it.

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Luffy inflates both his arms to lớn a massive form size then he does his Gigant Bazooka. One would be hard pressed to find more than a selective few that can take this attack head on & still be able to stand afterwards.

Gomu Gomu no Gigant Jet Shell In Action
Considered by some fans to be Luffy"s strongest attack at the time, this is the move that took down Gecko Moria. The former Warlord of the Sea, Moria was not an easy adversary lớn defeat. Luffy and his crew were pushed lớn their limits and needed to end the battle quickly. With some quick thinking Luffy was able to lớn come up with this powerful technique. By combining Hone Fusen, Gear Third, and Gear Second, Luffy is able lớn ram into his opponent with devastating power.

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Gomu Gomu no Gigant Fusen in Action
On the more defensive side of things, this technique was strong enough khổng lồ take a direct hit from former fleet admiral of the Marines Sengoku. The hit happened when Sengoku was in his Golden Buddha size which is legendary. By hardening & expanding his torso, Luffy withheld the attack lượt thích it was no huge problem.

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At this point in time, Luffy had no even begun to master his Haki yet so it is no wonder why the World Government views him as such a threat.

Two years after the Battle at Marineford, Luffy and his crew reunited at the place where they once suffered their greatest defeat. Sabaody Archipelago is where the crew was rapidly defeated & sent to lớn other parts of the globe by Bartholomew Kuma. Once they return, they quickly dispatch robot clones of Kuma known as Pacifistas, và make their way to lớn Fishman Island. On the way there, Luffy showcases his Elephant Gun technique which is a combination of Haki và the Gigant Pistol. This attack knocked out a Kraken with one hit.

This epic technique is the one that defeated Hody Jones at the over of the New Fishman Island arc. By fusing Haki with his infamous Gatling technique, Luffy barrages his opponent with a multitude of punches. The speed & strength of this technique phối it apart from most of his earlier Gatling attacks. Also, unlike some other Gear attacks, there is no massive toll on his body. While some may think that Luffy is light in the brain department, this technique shows that when it comes lớn battle he is quite intelligent.

Being a man made out of rubber has more than a few advantages for Luffy. Besides being able khổng lồ stretch and contort his body, he is immune to lớn all electric attacks. As his battle with Enel shows, electric attacks barely slow him down & they can work in his favor.

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By combining his attacks with electricity, Luffy can give his techniques an added boost of power. His Thor Elephant Gun does just this & it makes increases his already powerful Elephant Gun"s damage capabilities.

Continuing to showcase his mastery of Haki, Luffy used this technique to get enough distance from Caesar Clown to lớn knock him out. Mixing speed, Haki, và Gear Third, Luffy can use this long range attack to defeat an opponent from a decent distance. Caesar Clown was the perfect demo dummy for this technique as his poison abilities can be quite devastating at close range. Due to lớn the close range abilities some Devil Fruit users, this attack has and will probably again come in handy.

Using his body toàn thân and its strength as projectiles is one of Luffy"s smartest battle choices. While this is far from a new thing for Luffy, his Gigant Rifle packed a punch like fans had never seen before. Inflating one arm to giant proportions, this attack drills with massive strength into an enemy. Just lượt thích his normal Rifle attack, this version is aimed at specific parts of an enemy"s body and thus is done with causing the most damage in mind. This powerful attack was even able lớn destroy one of the World Government"s robot clones of Kuma.

Recently seen in the 1000th chapter, Luffy used this technique lớn put the Emperor of the Seas Kaido in his place. Kaido is known for his invulnerability; he can"t even cause damage to himself when he wants to. Yet Luffy was able lớn hurt him with this incredibly powerful attack. Another Haki-Gear combination, this attack knocked Kaido on his feet và even mix him on fire for a few moments. This is a fairly new technique that is sure khổng lồ grow even more powerful in the future. Since Luffy has just decided khổng lồ take Kaido on by himself, this technique is sure lớn be improved upon before their battle ends. Only time will tell if it is strong enough to defeat Kaido once & for all.

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