The old Taylor Swift might be dead, but her love sầu of having the last word isn"t. Swift premiered the music video for her lachạy thử single, "Look What You Made Me Do," off her upcoming album "Reputation" during the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night, & it"s full of subtle -- và not-so-subtle -- digs at her enemies. Here, we"re breaking down the shade. Grab a cup of tea.

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Let"s start at the beginning. When zombie Taylor is burying old Taylor"s reputation, a headstone in the graveyard reads "Nils Sjoberg." That"s the pseudonym she used when co-writing the tuy nhiên "This is What You Came For" with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. 

Next up we have sầu the jewel-filled bathtub. Notice the single dollar bill to lớn Taylor"s right. She was recently awarded one dollar in her court case against DJ David Mueller, who she accused of grabbing her butt in 2013. Mueller was found guilty of sexual assault & battery. 


In the portion of the Clip that many have sầu compared lớn Beyonce"s "Lemonade," Swift"s backup dancers are wearing crop tops emblazoned with "I Also Read: Taylor Swift Drops ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Video, và Fans Are ‘Confused’ (Video)


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Swift and her gang rob a streaming service all decked out in cát masks, & Swift wears a sweatshirt with a Tiger on it -- remind you of Katy Perry"s "Roar"? And, Perry"s fans are known as "Katycats." Swift famously refused khổng lồ allow her music on streaming services -- until she put all her music on Spotify right before Perry released her new album, "Witness." 

Swift is reaaaaally channeling some serious Katy vibes here, except one thing -- she"s holding a Grammy, which Katy has never won, despite several nominations. Swift has won 10. 

Swift is serving up some tea in the video -- literally -- surrounded by snakes, which she banned from her Instagram comments in 2016. After she was outed as having approved Kanye West"s lyrics in "Famous" despite her saying otherwise, thanks to đoạn phim proof by Klặng Kardashian West, people started khổng lồ Gọi her a snake. Looks lượt thích now she"s embracing that reputation. 

"Et tu Brute," from Shakespeare"s "Julius Caesar," is etched inlớn Swift"s snake-covered throne, suggesting Swift feels like friends betrayed her. Fans also recognized the reference to "Mean Girls," when Gretchen Weiners (Lacey Chabert) loses it and screams "We should totally just stab Caesar!" And in 2014, Perry tweeted lớn "Watch out for the Regimãng cầu George (Rachel McAdams) in sheep"s clothing" after Swift"s interview with Rolling Stone. 

Swift is known for her girl squad of famous models and other celebrities -- và she apparently knows she gets mocked for it, too. Here she lies with her mannequin squad, throwing shade at those who điện thoại tư vấn her "kém chất lượng."

Swift"s favorite number is 13, and it"s sprinkled throughout the "LWYMMD" video-- even though, isn"t that old Taylor"s favorite number? Is it new Taylor"s favorite number too? Here it is on one of the old Taylor"s hands, but it"s also in the license plate, necklace on her cheetah and air plane hangar. 

Here stands new Taylor, on a pile of all the old Taylors of music videos past. We still have sầu one burning question, though: Didn"t old Taylor write this song? You can watch the full music đoạn Clip here.

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