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Ở phần thi IELTS Speaking Part 1 sẽ bao hàm những câu hỏi không quá khó, do đó bạn phản vấn đáp thật đúng mực để lấy trọn điểm ở vị trí này và lấy rượu cồn lực cho những phần thi còn lại.

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IELTS Vietop đang tổng đúng theo và share với các bạn 60 chủ đề ở bài xích thì IELTS Speaking part 1 phổ biến nhất. Các bạn cùng tò mò nhé!

Chủ đề IELTS Speaking Part 1 thường gặp

Phần thi IELTS Speaking Part 1 thường là những câu hỏi về những chủ đề thân quen thường ngày. Dưới đấy là một vài chủ đề về IELTS Speaking Part 1 tổng hợp được, xem thêm để cùng ôn luyện thôi nào!

1. Accommodation

1. Vì you live in a house or an apartment?

I live in a house that is located in a small alley in district 3 with my family. Because district 3 is considered as the heart of Ho đưa ra Minh city, all amenities are available within walking distance, like markets, churches, hospitals & all kinds of fashion shops and restaurants. That means I can easily grab anything I need in just a few minutes. So I really enjoy my life there.

Alley (n): nhỏ hẻmAmenities (n): đồ sử dụng thiết yếu2. Would you lượt thích to move to a different trang chủ in the future?

Although my current accommodation is perfectly fine, I would love to lớn experience living in a cottage once. Since it was my childhood dream to lớn live near a forest, a small thatched-roof & rustic house located quietly at the edge of a jungle would be my dream house.

It would be made of timber và have 2 rooms, one’s for me & the other is for the guests. It sounds small but it would be cozy và fully-furnitured by only environmentally friendly interior ornaments and other necessary hack cons.Đặt

Cottage (n): nhà chòiThatched-roof (adj): có mái lợp bằng láInterior ornaments (n): phụ kiện, nội thất

3. How is your apartment decorated?

My home is styled in a minimal way. Almost everything is painted in plain white, và a few landscape paintings & all small blue modern ornaments act as delicate touches. The interior design is simple, yet convenient và very pleasant lớn look at.

Plain white (adj): trắng tinhDelicate (adj): tinh tế

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2. Giving gifts

Do you like giving or receiving gifts?

I guess even the smallest gift can bring a smile to lớn my face, because who doesn’t love to receive không tính tiền stuff anyway? On the other hand, I’m pretty inarticulate và not good at putting things into words so I often give people a gift to show how much I care about them.

Bring a smile lớn one’s face: khiến ai kia cườiInarticulate (adj): không giỏi miêu tả bằng lời nóiWhat kind of gifts vì you lượt thích to receive?

I guess I would love to receive things that can be put into daily use, rather than something I have to keep in the cupboard, so it can be an nhà cửa of clothing, a coffee mug, or even a rug for my bathroom. I don’t care much about the cost of the gift, but its capability is what matters khổng lồ me.

When vì people give gifts or presents in your country?

Well, people give gifts on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduation day or house-warming parties. Well, but I believe if you truly love someone, you can always give them a gift for no particular reason.

4. When did you last receive a gift?

I just turned 18 last month, so on my birthday my friends bought me a bunch of presents, but I particularly love the beautiful white dress my best friend Susan got me. We see eye to lớn eye in fashion and clothing so she picked the exact dress that I’ve always wanted & I’ve been wearing it very often.

See eye lớn eye: có cùng quan tiền điểm

3. Colours

Were colours important to you when you were a child?

Well yes, I’ve always loved colours but my favourite has always been blue. I had my mom buy me toys và clothes that were all blue. Up until now, xanh is still my favourite colour & it’s become a part of my identity.

Have s.o bởi vì something: thuyết phục ai đó làm điều gìUp until now: cho mang lại bây giờIdentity (n): cá tính, sệt tínhAre there any colours that have a special meaning in your country?

Yes, of course, red is the colour that represents good luck. That’s why at Tet, our holiday during the Lunar New Year, you often see the elderly và parents hand red envelopes containing “lucky” money to lớn their children và grandchildren.

Represent (v): đại diệnHand (v): đưa mang đến (hiểu là cho/ tặng)Red envelopes: bao đỏ/bao lì xìWhat colours would you choose to paint the walls of your room?

I’ve mentioned earlier that I absolutely love blue, so without a doubt, that’s my go-to color. I would also consider combining it with trắng since that’s my second favorite color.

Go-to (adj): yêu thíchConsider + v-ing: suy nghĩ việc gì đó

4. Neighbors

Do you like your neighbors?

Yes, we have a very close relationship, we chia sẻ too much in common và we love and support each other. I love my neighbors as my nearest and dearest.

Are your neighbors usually close khổng lồ each other in your country?

Absolutely yes. In Vietnam, we have several folk verses and proverbs to prove the importance of having a close relationship with neighbors. Ya know, having conflicts & disputes with neighbors can vì more harm & good, so we often get along well with each other.

What is your neighborhood like?

I have lớn say that they are kind, generous, supportive, and amiable. Whenever my family is faced with any adversity, we can turn to lớn our neighbors for advice or help & support. Và when everything is settled, we just get together and throw a buổi tiệc ngọt to return a favor.

How can neighbors be helpful?

Yes, as I said before, they are so lovely & supportive. Sometimes, when my family travels together for a long period of time, we can ask them to lớn keep an eye on our house. At night, we can gather, strike up a proper conversation, make some jokes, then the whole can burst into laughter. That is the way we unwind after a long day of working & studying.

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5. Your favorite place

What place do you most lượt thích to visit?

It is what we hotline an “acoustic café” in Vietnam. Acoustic cafes sell beverages and host performances by singers and acoustic guitarists.

Beverage (n): thức uốngHost (v): tổ chức

2. How often do you visit this place?

I go there every Saturday night after finishing my homework. There’s always a mini show at that time.

3. Why vị you like it so much?

As a student, I can’t really fork out 500.000VND to lớn go khổng lồ a concert. Going khổng lồ this place is a way cheaper alternative and arguably more fun because you can interact with the artists on stage more easily.

Fork out (phrasal verb): bỏ ra trảAlternative (n): lựa chọn

4. Is it popular with many other people?

Yeah, as far as I can see, many of my friends also enjoy going to such places. It’s a good way lớn escape from your daily life.

As far as I can see: theo tôi thấyEscape (v): thoát

5. Has it changed very much since you first went there?

Apart from it being more crowded these days, nothing else has changed. Và that is one of the reasons why I keep coming back to lớn this place.

Apart from: ngoại trừ

6. Music/ Musical instruments

What kinds of music bởi vì you like to listen to?

Well, I would say that Pop is definitely to my taste. I usually listen lớn some massive pop hits whenever I feel blue so as to lớn stay positive throughout the day.

Be lớn someone’s taste (phrase): đúng gu ai đóMassive hit (n): một bài hát phổ biếnFeel blue (idiom): cảm xúc buồnAt what times of day vì chưng you like to listen lớn music?

Music has become a basic need in my daily life as if I cannot live without it. I cannot tell you the exact time when I usually listen khổng lồ music, but I found myself immensely productive at work when I immerse myself in music.

Immensely (adv): vô cùngImmerse oneself in something (idiom): đắm chìm bạn dạng thân trong cái gì đóDid you learn khổng lồ play a musical instrument when you were a child?

To be honest, I didn’t have a knack for playing any musical instruments back in the day. For example, I usually spent hours and hours hammering on a guitar but it didn’t really work out well for me.

Have a knack for something (idiom): có khiếu về đồ vật gi đóWork out well (v): phù hợpDo you think all children should learn to lớn play a musical instrument?

In my opinion, kids should be encouraged khổng lồ take up playing musical instruments such as guitar or piano as it can possibly improve their memory as well as stimulate their creativity. On đứng top of that, learning how to play a musical instrument can actually teach them patience which is the highest virtue of living a contented life.

Take up doing something (v): ban đầu làm cái gì đóVirtue (n): đức tính tốtContented life (n): cuộc sống viên mãn

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7. Weekends

1. How vày you usually spend your weekends?

My weekends are often relaxing. I usually have breakfast and coffee in a small café near my apartment. The rest of the time, I either read books in my room or hang out with my friends.

Either … or … : thao tác này hoặc bài toán kia

2. Which is your favourite part of the weekend?

Friday’s và Saturday’s evenings because I could stay up later than usual và watch my favourite series on Netflix. Sometimes, I use this time to lớn chat with my friends who live abroad.

Stay up late: thức khuyaSeries (n): chương trình/ phim các tập (khác cùng với movie)

3. Bởi you think your weekends are long enough?

I’m quite content with the length of my weekends. Two days are enough for me to put my hair down & get ready for a new week of work.

content (adj): hài lòng

4. How important bởi vì you think it is lớn have không tính tiền time on the weekends?

Even though I lượt thích my job, I think having time to wind down is a must. It gives me time to lớn cool my engine down và reflect upon my achievements as well as my flaws in the past week.

Wind down (phrasal verb): thư giãnMust (n): điều bắt buộcReflect upon/on (verb): chiêm nghiệm, tự đánh giáFlaw (n): lỗi lầm, điều không tốt

8. Traffic where you live

1. How vị most people travel lớn work where you live?

People in my area usually commute mostly by motorbikes simply because they really come in handy when it comes to lớn traveling on narrow routes in Vietnam. In addition lớn using motorbikes, buses và other forms of public transport are deemed khổng lồ offer cheap but convenient trips to reach the workplace.

Commute (v): đi lại, di chuyểnNarrow route (n): tuyến đường đường nhỏ hẹpForms of public transport (n): các loại hình giao thông công cộngCome in handy (phrase): nhân tiện lợi

2. What traffic problems are there in your area?

With a high traffic volume these days, there are tons of problems related lớn traffic in my country. First and foremost, drivers usually get stuck in a long tailback during rush hours every day. Such a problem results from the dramatically increasing car use nowadays, which poses a threat to our traffic infrastructure. Reckless driving is another problem that needs taking into account. This can lead lớn the growing mortality rate due to accidents occurring on major roads. As a result, the government should take measures lớn strictly fine people who usually drink before driving lớn ensure overall road safety.

High traffic volume (n): tỷ lệ lưu thông lớnTailback (n): hàng xe cộ nối đuôi nhauRush hour (n): giờ đồng hồ cao điểmPose a threat (v): gây tổn hạiReckless driving (n): hành vi lái xe cộ ẩuMorality rate (n): tỉ lệ thành phần tử vongRoad safety (n): an toàn giao thông đường bộTraffic infrastructure (n): hạ tầng giao thông

3. How bởi traffic problems affect you?

Well, I would say that I often get in trouble with traffic in my nation, which affects me both mentally & physically. I sometimes have khổng lồ wake up very early in the morning khổng lồ create my own travel itineraries lớn reach my workplace despite staying up really late the previous night khổng lồ complete my reports. As a result, I am totally worn out for the whole day & unable khổng lồ concentrate on my work.

Travel itinerary (n): lịch trình di chuyểnBe worn out (adj): mệt mỏi nhoài

4. How would you reduce the traffic problems in your area?

Well, It may be quite peculiar to lớn some people but I suggest carpooling. I believe such a practice can help minimize traffic congestion & increase its capacity. Moreover, I think switching khổng lồ using public means of transport can be seen as an alternative solution khổng lồ mitigate traffic problems.

Peculiar (adj): không giống lạCarpooling (n): việc đi thông thường xeTraffic congestion (n): nàn kẹt xeMitigate (v): giải quyết

9. Clothes

Part 1: Clothes

What type of clothes vày you enjoy wearing?

Well, casual clothes are at the đứng top of my list as they give me a sense of comfort when spending time outdoors. However, If I go lớn work, a long-sleeved shirt & a pair of cốt tông dress pants would be a perfect match as they really make me look sharp.

casual clothes (n): thường phụcat the vị trí cao nhất of my list (phrase): điều đầu tiên tôi nghĩ đếnlook sharp (v): trông bảnh bao

2. Vì you enjoy buying clothes?

Actually, I am not a slave to fashionsplurging in clothes is not my cup of tea. That said, I lượt thích being formally dressed on some formal occasions, so I tend khổng lồ purchase a new suit if I am loaded.

a slave lớn fashion (n): bạn cuồng thời trangsplurge (v): vung tiềnto be not my cup of tea (idiom): không phải điều thích thú của tôiloaded (adj): rủng rỉnh tiền

3. Has your style of clothing changed compared to 10 years ago?

I think my fashion style bears no significant differences compared to lớn a decade ago as I have been interested in simple clothes. The only subtle change is that I tend to lớn choose clothing in colours that suit my complexion.

subtle change (n): biến đổi nhỏsuit my complexion(v): hợp với da của tôi

4. What types of clothes vị people in your local area enjoy wearing?

From my perspective, it really depends on people’s purposes. As the weather in Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị is unseasonably changed, some people tend to prioritize functions. As a result, they would make purchases on clothes that meet their demands. Additionally, some people, especially the youth, take a very keen interest in aesthetics, so they would put on clothes with different patterns và silhouettes as they believe that appearance can reflect their personalities.

unseasonably changed (phrase): biến hóa thất thườngaesthetics (n): tính thẩm mỹsilhouettes (n): hoạ tiết

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10. Furniture

1. Vì you have a lot of furniture at home?

Well, honestly, I just furnish my house with some basic pieces of furniture such as chairs và tables as I am currently residing in a tiny house with my parents. Additionally, too much furniture in a house may hinder us khổng lồ move comfortably.

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furnish (v): trang bịreside (v): sinh sốnghinder (v): cản trở

2. Have you ever received furniture as a gift?

Frankly, the one & only piece of furniture that I have ever been gifted is a wooden wardrobe which my mom purchased for me on my last birthday. I was taken aback by the elegantly carved patterns that were aesthetically put on this wardrobe when receiving such a present.

gift (v): tặngbe taken aback (v): ngạc nhiênaesthetically (adv): một phương pháp thẩm mỹ

3. What’s your favorite piece of furniture inyourhouse?

I really don’t have any preference for furniture, but if I were to lớn choose one, that would be the present given by my mom – the wooden wardrobe. Not only is it a birthday present for me, but also a message of love that my mom wants khổng lồ give me.

It I were lớn choose one,… (phr): Nếu tôi phải chọn một …Not only be S + Noun 1, but also Noun 2 (phr): không đông đảo …, ngoài ra ….

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11. Hometown

Q. Where is your hometown?

A: My hometown is in Dong Nai province, which is located khổng lồ the North of Ho chi Minh City. Whenever I want lớn go back lớn my hometown from Ho chi Minh City, it usually takes me about 2 hours khổng lồ travel by motorbike. I am pretty proud of my hometown for being a famous place for a plethora of fruits such as grapefruit, apple, pear, etc.

Q. What was it like growing up there?

Q. Has it changed much since you were a child?

Q. What vì chưng you lượt thích most about living there?

Q. What kinds of things can visitors khổng lồ your hometown go & see?

Q. Vì chưng you think you will live there when you are older?

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12. Friends

Q. Vì you have many friends?

A: Definitely yes. I would say I am an extrovert and a social butterfly. So whenever I go to lớn a place, I always introduce myself & make friends. Actually, I enjoy having a lot of friends, since I can widen my horizons from talking with them.

Q. How often vì chưng you go out with friends?

Q. Tell me about your best friend at school.

Q. How friendly are you with your neighbours?

Q. Which is more important lớn you, friends or family?

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13. Names

Q. Did your parents choose your name(s)?

A: Yes, actually, my Mom was the person who named me. My Mom is a Literature teacher, so she named me after the season that I was born in, which was Spring. I must say that I find my name kind of unique and easy khổng lồ remember at the same time, so I am incredibly proud of that.

Q. How did your parents choose your name(s)?

Q. Does your name have any special meaning?

Q. Is your name common or unusual in your country?

Q. If you could change your name, would you?

14. Food and cooking

Q. What sorts of food vị you lượt thích eating most?

A: I would say I am a real sucker for Vietnamese traditional food such as braised pork và eggs or ‘canh chua’, which can be translated into Vietnamese as ‘sour soup’. In fact, I find them immensely appetizing when being eaten with rice due to lớn the savory taste & distinct smell that can only be found in our national cuisines. I must say I have tried a plethora of dishes, however, traditional Vietnamese food is still the best khổng lồ me.

Q. Who normally does the cooking in your home?

Q. Vì you watch cookery programmes on TV?

Q. In general, vì you prefer eating out or eating at home?

15. Photographs

Q. What type of photos vày you lượt thích taking?

A: Well, I am a big tín đồ of taking food photos. As a food lover, I always feel a need khổng lồ capture the beautifully decorated dishes that I have tried in my life. In fact, I also have a photo collection of foods, and I think foods just look so perfect on photos with diverse colors. I love looking at them as much as I love savoring them!

Q. What vì you do with the photos you take?

Q. When you visit other places, vì chưng you take photos or buy postcards?

Q. Vày you lượt thích people taking photos of you?


Q. How popular are bicycles in your hometown?

A: khổng lồ be honest, I don’t think bicycles are widely used in my hometown. In fact, I think whenever I go on the road, I think I can only see bicycles making up around 5% of the total amount of vehicles. In my hometown, this means of transportation is used mostly by high school students only.

Q. How often vị you ride a bicycle?

Q. Bởi you think that bicycles are suitable for all ages?

Q. What are the advantages of a bicycle compared to lớn a car?

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16. Bicycles

Q. How popular are bicycles in your hometown?

A: lớn be honest, I don’t think bicycles are widely used in my hometown. In fact, I think whenever I go on the road, I think I can only see bicycles making up around 5% of the total amount of vehicles. In my hometown, this means of transportation is used mostly by high school students only.

Q. How often vì you ride a bicycle?

Q. Do you think that bicycles are suitable for all ages?

Q. What are the advantages of a bicycle compared lớn a car?

17. Games

Q. Bởi vì you play any games?

A: Yes, I am a big fan hâm mộ of games actually. Especially, games in di động phone have been my favorite leisure activity ever since I was around 12 years old. Even though I am not addicted to lớn them, I still find these games incredibly thrilling and beneficial in terms of learning a second language. In fact, most of my English vocabulary was acquired from the games that I have played.

Q. How vị people learn to lớn play games in your country?

Q. How do people learn khổng lồ play games in your country?

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18. Telephoning

Q. How often bởi vì you make telephone calls?

A: I would say I don’t make phone calls frequently. Honestly, ever since I got a smart phone, it has been easier for me lớn just use the instant message applications instead of making the calls. In fact, I think I only make phone calls when I’m on the road or when I need to lớn get information fast.

Q. Who vì chưng you spend the most time talking khổng lồ on the telephone?

Q. When bởi vì you think you’ll next make a telephone call?

Q. Vì you sometimes prefer khổng lồ send a text message instead of telephoning?

19. Your friends

Q. Bởi vì you prefer to lớn have one particular friend or a group of friends?

A: If I have to choose, I will definitely opt for a group of friends. Needless lớn say, friends are loyal pillars of support that everyone will need in their lives. Therefore, if you have a group of friend, you may receive more help from different types of people, who can be helpful in different situations in your life.

Q. What vì chưng you lượt thích doing most with your friend/s?

Q. Vày you think it’s important khổng lồ keep in contact with friends you knew as a child?

Q. What makes a friend into a good friend?

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20. Living place

Q. Where vị you live?

Q. What kind of place is it?

Q. What’s the most interesting part of your town/village?

Q. What kind of jobs bởi vì the people in your town/village do?

Q. Would you say it’s a good place to live? (why?)

A: Definitely yes. As you may know, Ho bỏ ra Minh city is the economic central of Vietnam, so there are plenty of job & education opportunities there. Besides, it has a vibrant nightlife, và I feel like despite its small size, you cannot explore all of Ho chi Minh thành phố in just 1 or 2 months.

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21. Flowers

Q. Do you like to have flowers in your home?

A: Absolutely. In fact, I must say I am a real sucker for flowers. On days that I have không tính tiền time going lớn the market, I always purchase some flowers lớn put in the vases around my house. I am not sure why but whenever I look at my house decorated with flowers, I feel lượt thích I can recharge my batteries immediately after a working day.

Q. Where would you go khổng lồ buy flowers?

Q. On what occasions would you give someone flowers?

Q. Are flowers important in your culture?

22. Leisure

Q. Vị you have any hobbies or interests?

A: Yes of course, I love swimming in the morning. Before picking up this hobby, I used lớn be sleepy and tired during the day. However, after trying khổng lồ wake up sooner lớn swim in the morning for about 30 minutes every day, I find myself much more energetic & focused when it comes to lớn working.

Q. How did you become interested in (whatever hobby/ interest the candidate mentions)?

Q. What is there to vị in your không tính phí time in (candidate’s hometown/village)?

Q. How vì chưng you usually spend your holidays?

Q. Is there anywhere you would particularly like to visit?

23. Television

Q. How often vì chưng you watch television?

A: I don’t watch TV frequently, since I don’t have a TV in my rented room. Therefore, I only watch TV when there are crucial football matches. Besides, I don’t feel the need khổng lồ watch TV because we have Youtube nowadays, so it is easier lớn watch any show on the phone without waiting for the broadcast schedule.

Q. Which television channel vày you usually watch?

Q. Vày you enjoy the advertisements on television?

Q. Vày you think most programmes on television are good?

24. Entertainment

Q. Do you prefer relaxing at trang chủ or going out in the evening?

A: Most of the time I prefer lớn stay at home rather than go out. I would say I am a coach potato & being at home after a working day allows me lớn chill out and blow off some steam. In fact, I only hang out with my friends at night when there are birthday parties or when I need my friends to confide in when any problem arises in my life.

Q. When you go out for an evening, what do you like to do?

Q. How popular is this with other people in your country?

Q. Is there any kind of entertainment you do not like?

25. Newspapers & Magazines

Q. Which magazines and newspapers vì chưng you read?

A: Well, I guess I usually read magazines for women. They are pretty inspiring with some stories about stunning and successful women all around Vietnam. Besides, there are some sections for tips in terms of beauty, cooking, shopping, etc. Which are useful lớn me sometimes.

Q. What kinds of article are you most interested in?

Q. Have you ever read a newspaper or magazine in a foreign language?

Q. Vị you think reading a newspaper or magazine in a foreign language is a good way to lớn learn the language?

26. Laughing

Q. What kinds of thing make you laugh?

A: It’s pretty easy for me to lớn laugh, but I would say I usually laugh every time I watch animal funny clips on the Internet. Khổng lồ be honest, I’m a real sucker for animals, & they always bring the smile lớn my face. Therefore, whenever I feel stressful, watching these clips is a quick & easy way for me khổng lồ recharge my batteries.

Q. Bởi you lượt thích making other people laugh?

Q. Bởi you think it’s important for people to lớn laugh?

Q. Is laughing the same as feeling happy, vì chưng you think?

27. Makeup

Q. Vì you often wear makeup?

A: Not really often, I just vì chưng makeup when hanging out with friends or going khổng lồ events such as weddings, parties, etc. I find it fairly tiring to wear makeup every morning, since it takes a huge amount of time to lớn do. Moreover, when I come home completely disheveled after a working day, I still need to lớn spend time removing it.

Q. What does wearing makeup mean khổng lồ you?

Q. Do you give makeup as a gift?

Q. What vị you think when you see a man wearing makeup?

28. Daily Routine

Q. What would you like to change in your daily routine?

A: When it comes to lớn changing my routine, sleeping early is what I have been trying to vị for a long time. I think I have problems with focusing & my attention span is pretty short. However, I read on the mạng internet that this is the symptoms of not having enough sleep. So if I could change something, I would sleep before 11PM everyday.

Q. Are all your days the same?

Q. Tell me about your typical weekday và your typical weekend.

Q. What is the balance of work/study and không lấy phí time in your normal day?

29. Keeping in contact with people

Q. How bởi vì you usually tương tác your friends?

A: Well, I just casually talk to them during the day using instant message applications such as Facebook Messenger, Zalo, etc. I think these applications are miễn phí and fun with different smiley. Besides, since everybody is on the go all the time nowadays, I feel lượt thích sending message is a way to still keep in contact with others, & I don’t think it will interrupt their work.

Q. Vì chưng you prefer to liên hệ different people in different ways?

Q. Vị you find it easy lớn keep in liên hệ with friends & family?

Q. In your country, did people in the past keep in liên hệ in the same ways as they vì chưng today?

30. Visitors

Q. What would you suggest a visitor should see and do in your country?

A: The first thing is to lớn try all the food we have here in Vietnam. I would say Vietnamese food is pretty balanced and healthy with diverse ingredients. In fact, each area has different types of food và distinct ways of seasoning. Besides, you can easily buy food here since there are eateries to sell street food và restaurants almost everywhere on the street.

Q. Are there any traditional arts or music you would recommend?

Q. Tell me about the kind of foreign visitors or tourists who go to your country.

Q. In what ways has tourism changed your country?

31. Travelling

Q. How did you reach the examination centre?

Q. Bởi you lượt thích travelling?

A: I love travelling, và I think it is an escape from the hustle & bustle of our daily lives. In fact, travelling allows me khổng lồ widen my horizons và get to lớn know the culture diversity within Vietnam & around the world.

Q. How vày you usually travel?

Q. What are the most common types of transportation run on the streets in your country?

Q. Which types of transportation bởi people in your country often use lớn move?

Tham khảo: chủ đề Travel/ Tourism – IELTS Writing Task 2

32. Festivals

Q. Tell me about the most important festival in your country.

Q. What special food & activities are connected with this festival?

Q. What vị you most enjoy about it?

Q. Bởi you think festivals are important for a country?

A: It is undoubtedly a yes for me. I would say celebrating festivals is a way khổng lồ preserve the culture of Vietnam. I absolutely believe that without festivals, some traditional customs and rituals would be forgotten. Besides, these events also make a huge contribution khổng lồ the profit of tourism industry for a country.

33. Family

Q. Vày you have a large family or a small family?

Q. Can you tell me something about them?

Q. How much time vì you manage khổng lồ spend with members of your family?

Q. What sorts of things vị you like to vì together?

Q. Do you get on well with your family?

A: I have to admit that we don’t really see eye lớn eye frequently. For example, in terms of appearance, my family members would prefer girls having traditional long hair, wearing graceful feminine attire and always showing charming smiles on the face. As for me, I would definitely go for short hair & casual clothes. However, in spite of all the conflict, they are still my family và I love them.

34. School

Q. Did you go to lớn a secondary/high school near lớn where you lived?

Q. What did you like about your secondary/high school?

A: Growing up, I attended Vung Tau high school in my hometown. It is among the best schools available in the city. It takes me 15 minutes lớn travel from trang chủ to school. Reminiscing about the time studying there, I cannot be thankful enough for the dedicated teachers and staffs who strived their best to support academic pursuit of students.

Q. Tell me about anything you didn’t like at your school.

Q. How vị you think your school could be improved?

35. Weekends

Q. How vì chưng you usually spend your weekends?

Q. Which is your favourite part of the weekend?

Q. Do you think your weekends are long enough?

Q. How important vì chưng you think it is khổng lồ have free time on the weekends?

A: I think it is of utter importance to be không lấy phí on the weekends. Especially for full time workers who spend approximately 40 hours sitting at the office desk, weekends are necessary for them to lớn connect with friends and to refresh themselves.

36. Music

Q. What types of music vì you lượt thích to listen to?

Q. At what times of day vì chưng you lượt thích to listen lớn music?

A: I lượt thích to listen khổng lồ fast-beat music in the morning, especially during exercising. It helps me boost my mood và concentration for a long working day. At night times, I prefer to lớn let myself blow off some steam with chill & slow-beat tunes for a better sleep.

Q. Did you learn lớn play a musical instrument when you were a child?

Q. Bởi vì you think all children should learn to lớn play a musical instrument?

37. Dancing

Q. Do you enjoy dancing?

A: Yes absolutely. I’m not a professional in the field, but I love moving my body toàn thân along with the beat of a song. Nhảy đầm removes stiffness of our bodies & brings flexibility into our physical movement. It is also a tremendously helpful method to lớn release stress và prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Q. Has anyone ever taught you lớn dance?

Q. Tell me about any traditional dancing in your country.

Q. Tell me about some popular nhảy in your country?

Q. Bởi vì you think that traditional dancing will be popular in the future?

38. Job

Q. Are you working or studying?

Q. How long have you been working for this company?

Q. What are your job responsibilities?

A: I am currently working as a full time staff for a financial services company. My duty is to lớn assist customers in their home loan application. It involves a great deal of administration work, document sorting và mathematical thinking.