Wgm extreme couple episode 9 engsub

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K-Shows, We Got MarriedWe Got Married: Jinhee Couple (Ep 19) & Taeun Couple (Ep 9) ReviewJune 26, 2013My2AM Jinwoon, A Pink Naeun, Coming of Age Day, JinHee Couple Episode 19, Jung Couple Episode 15, SHINee Key, SHINee Minho, Shinee Taemin, Taemin dances BuiBiBu, Taeun Couple Episode 9, WE GOT MARRIED EPISODE 175, weird flavored Jelly BeansLeave a comment

This time I’ll start with Taeun Couple because in Episode 175 the 3 couples meet each other. Thus only Taeun Couple and Jung Couple had there own screen time.

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Key and Minho are still at Taeun Couple’s house. Minho gives Taeun Couple their coming-of-age gift. It’s a cake with a small picture of Taeun Couple và the sentence: Now you’re turning into a man (well with that meaning). They help na Eun và Taemin to lớn cut the cake with skinship và then take a photo of them. After eating the cake they are bored because na Eun and Taemin aren’t saying or doing anything leaving them the job to entertain them as Taemin and Na Eun are happy just listening khổng lồ the entertaining brother-in-laws. So they bởi vì some Love/relationship/couple behavior kiểm tra (to be honest I forgot the name ^^’) – there is a situation for example: You are alone at home and you turn on the TV, then a question: Would you watch a) a trò chơi b) a drama/movie c) the news d) a sports show. And then you have khổng lồ answer – Taemin chose game show which indicates that he’ll vày anything for his partner and Na Eun news which indicates her calmness in a relationship (Well, something like that). They do this chạy thử a few times until they prepare to leave.

Before they leave Taemin says that he is glad the hyungs didn’t say anything bad. Upon hearing that Key reveals Taemin’s drunk behavior. Taemin once undressed himself and left the clothes in various rooms. In a karaoke bar. Then they go…. Và come back through the window. Giving the Couple one last surprise before they really leave. The couple was really happy about the visit và liked it but they feel more comfortable when they are alone in their ‘own’ house than in the dorm.

Taeun Couple receives the mission lớn meet up with the other two couples. They determined to lớn show the other couples that they are the youngest thus the best? Although they already gave up winning against the real life Jung Couple they regard the Jinhee couple as their rivals. Jinhee Couple just came back from their honeymoon and have their couple tees, rings, etc on và think that the other couples will envy them for that. We only see Jung couple on the day of the meeting on their way to lớn the We Got Married village. They wonder how it is to speak with young people & if they will understand them with an age gap of 15/16.

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Jinhee Couple arrived first và the second couple khổng lồ arrive is Jung Couple. The two coupes are happy to lớn meet each other again after 2 months – the fight over the houses. They remember the games they had lớn play – eating insect, eating eggs, etc. Và the hardship they had khổng lồ go through to be able to lớn move into the village. Thus they think that Taeun Couple should vày something for the welcoming ceremony. Dancing, Kissing? Sexy dance by Naeun? Not a good/funny idea because they are idols and dancing would be too normal, Kissing & Sexy dance…

Upon seeing Taeun Couple being scared of them they plan out a hidden camera where they act mean. But somehow it only ended up with Jin Woon being mean because the others are way too afraid of the fans of SHINee.

First they sort out how Taeun Couple should call the others. Although Jun Hee is much older Taemin still decides to gọi her noona while he calls Jin Woon hyung. But with Jung Couple it’s another thing as Jung In is already 13 years older than Taemin. So he calls Jung In auntie because of the age gap.

After that Taeun Couple dances to lớn A Pink’s tuy vậy BuiBiBu which they’ve planned to bởi on their way khổng lồ the village as their welcoming ceremony. Surprisingly Taemin knew all the steps of the dance and could dance them with na Eun. In fact he learned the dance for about 5 hours when the members saw him nhảy đầm that they said that it looked dirty. 

Taemin feels lượt thích the last years of establishing his image as the dancer of the group have vanished. Seems like Jin Woon really enjoyed the dance as he even danced và sang along. After that they did a sexy dance but for Jin Woon & Jung chi it was just cute and not really sexy. After the dance Taeun Couple receives a hammock from Jung Couple. In the house Taeun Couples gives them presents. Jinhee Couple receives alcohol because Jin Woon likes it so much and Jun Hee just has khổng lồ enjoy it with him because once she drinks she talks honestly. Jung Couple receives candys. But not normal ones

since Jung In loves weird/unusual things the Candys have insects in it (it looks lượt thích that) and Jelly beans with weird flavor. All of them taste the weir Jelly beans and expect of Jung In all of


them feel urge khổng lồ throw up. However even Jung In can’t swallow the vomit flavored Jelly bean. So Taemin wants lớn play ‘I am ground’ (You hotline the name of a person in the right rhythm while clapping và then you have khổng lồ react when you are called) & the loser has khổng lồ eat 10 Jelly Beans of that flavor. There they notice the age gap again. The three elders played the game with nicknames & actions while the younger ones vị it only with their names. Jun Hee asks Taemin once again if he really wants to play eat because she doesn’t want to eat these Jelly Beans. But Taemin wants khổng lồ play it & Jun Hee just follows the decision of SHINee. The loser of the game is Taemin. He eats all of the Jelly Beans and looks as if he would cry. Because of that the others feel bad for him & Jung chi is afraid that he has to lớn retire because he they made SHINee eat it. But at least Taemin gained a more manlier look after eating them. 


Key & Minho are hilarious! I was so shocked when they suddenly reappeared in the living room. & they really did a lot. They tried their best lớn get Taeun Couple to do kinship and directed them how lớn cut the cake. They entertained to lớn relax the two & they apparently didn’t talk that bad about Taemin as he himself said that he’s glad và even the revelation of his drunk behavior was only the tip of the iceberg. It’s good to see how close the two already are.

(I had to lớn laugh so much when Minho took the photo và the camera recognized the face of the statue in the background. XDD)

It was quite funny lớn hear that Jung Chi và Jun Hee couldn’t eat any eggs since their contest. Jin Woon apparently wants to lớn kiss Jun Hee? Because he suggested lớn make Taeun Couple kiss but well we know what you want ;P Just like Jung bỏ ra who wanted mãng cầu Eun to vày a sexy wave. It was actually really interesting khổng lồ see them eat the weird Jelly Bean. I really don’t know how to điện thoại tư vấn them because they are not weird but disgusted I guess. I mean vomit flavor?! Where did they get these… I’ll be expecting more for next weeks episodes. Those Episodes where all couples are gathered are always fun