Son ye jin and so ji sub talk about acting


Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub talked about their upcoming film “Be With You” on Naver’s V Live.

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The film is based on a Japanese novel và tells the story of a woman who promises her husband that she will return one year later on a rainy day after her death. She miraculously keeps her promise và reappears, but without any memories of her son và husband.

On the February 27 broadcast, Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub said, “After a long time, we are appearing in a film about love. As actors and members of the audience, it’s a film that we’ve waited a long time for. We’re nervous & excited.”

This is not the first time the two actors worked together. In 2001, they appeared in the drama “Delicious Proposal” as siblings. On working together after 17 years, So Ji Sub said, “When my partner was confirmed as Son Ye Jin, I felt relief, anticipation, và excitement.” Son Ye Jin added, “I always thought that it would be nice to lớn work with him. Doing a melodrama together feels lượt thích wearing clothes that are a good fit.”

So Ji Sub also compared his personality to lớn that of his character’s and said, “Like Woo Jin, I’m inadequate, clumsy, not fun, & not very talkative.”

Son Ye Jin spoke about filming and said, “The director liked the first take so much that I became nervous. It was a fun and joyful shoot.

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I can kind of remember filming scenes of holding hands and my heart fluttering. In reality, it made me think about when I was young.”

Director Lee Chang Hoon praised his actors and said, “These two are the best. It’s dream casting. Each day was special. I hoped that they had fun while filming.”

He added, “In order to lớn capture the details of these two actors, I watched them on variety shows, interviews, & even So Ji Sub’s hip hop performance at his tín đồ meeting. I thought a lot about how nice it would if their eyes meeting, hand holding, & kissing would be heart-fluttering and even erotic.”

He then revealed that he wrote So Ji Sub a handwritten letter because he couldn’t speak well at their meeting và Son Ye Jin jokingly got upset that she didn’t receive a letter.

Go Chang Suk made a surprise appearance during the broadcast. The actor said, “I appear as So Ji Sub’s friend. I bragged a lot khổng lồ people around me.” He then revealed that it was his wedding anniversary và sent his wife a “finger heart.”

To conclude the interview, the cast made wishes while looking at a four leaf clover. So Ji Sub said, “I hope many people will watch ‘Be With You,"” while Son Ye Jin wished, “I hope you will cherish the exciting emotions while watching us.” Go Chang Suk added, “I will pray for all of the staff, actors, & audience members lớn be happy.”