When the king: eternal monarch's lee min ho confessed opened about his kiss with park shin hye on the heirs

When The King: Eternal Monarch"s Lee Min Ho confessed opened about his kiss with Park Shin Hye on The Heirs

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Before he played the majestic emperor in The King: Eternal Monarch, Lee Min Ho played a student in The Heirs. The actor starred opposite Park Shin Hye in the series. While we watched the show back in 2013, we decided to lớn revisit the Korean drama yet again recently because we couldn't get enough of Kim tung and cha Eun Sang's chemistry. As we revisited the series, we also came across a piece regarding one of the kisses featured on the show & decided to nói qua it with you'll.

Anyone who has seen the show would recall there was a scene where phụ thân Eun sang trọng was taken aback with an intimate scene on the show. Turns out, the director did not inform the actress about the smooch. At the time, as reported by EconoTimes, Park Shin Hye confessed she was surprised by the turn of events. "I was really surprised. During that kiss scene, I grabbed Lee Min Ho's shirt," she said.

Min Ho, proving he is a true gentleman, confessed he regretted the fact that the kiss was hidden from Park Shin Hye. As reported by KStar Live, Lee Min Ho said that while he followed the directions given by the director, he did feel bad about it. "Since the kiss was the culmination of all the events & emotions leading up to lớn it, there was no other alternative than to bởi it for real," KStar Live quoted Lee Min Ho. "I did regret that no one told Park Shin Hye beforehand because usually, actresses are given an idea of what will happen.”

Have you watched The Heirs? Let us know your thoughts on the show in the comments below.

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Anonymous : I wish park shin hye và lee min hoo will be a couple someday hoping that it will happen
Anonymous : I love the film " the heir" but it was really nice without the consent of park shin ye.the film was filled with true love
REPLY 0 3 months ago
Anonymous : Lee min ho He is my ultimate favorite actor watched most of his dramas so far
REPLY 2 6 months ago
Anonymous : I have seen it twice. Lee và Park is the best couple I have seen in the K dramas. Waiting for part 2.
Anonymous : Drives us crazy need the heir 2 please, they should make a good couple, together looking good. Greetings from Papua New Guinea