Kim Sohee (NATURE) Profile và Facts

Kim So Hee (김소희) is a female soloist under n.CH Entertainment. She officially debuted as a soloist on November 8th, 2017. She join NATURE as their new thành viên on October 8, 2019.

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Kim So Hee Facts:– Her birthplace is Busan, South Korea.– thành viên of Nature Education: Samsung Girls’ High School– Sohee auditioned for the Practical Music department at Hanyang Womens University, but failed.– In 2016, she participated in the show “The God of Music 2” và became a thành viên of the newly formed group C.I.V.A.– She is a former contestant of Produce 101 Season 1.

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(Rank 15)– She also became a member of I.B.I, a group formed from eliminated contestants of Produce 101.– She is also a thành viên of Girls Next Door, created by a tv program called Idol Drama Operation Team.– She was a trainee for 1 year and 4 months.– She cốt truyện the same birth name with Elris‘s Sohee & Rocket Punch‘s Sohee.– Before becoming a thành viên of Nature, she had a solo career.– On July 11th, 2019, she left Music Works.– She was announced officially made a contract with n.CH Entertainment và become a new member of Nature on October 8, 2019.– Her specialties are singing & dancing.– She has a drivers license and she wants lớn drive lớn Busan to show the members the sea. (Mind Link)– she isn’t good at driving games.(Mind Link)– She falls down & loses things easily.– She has trouble memorizing choreography & that Lu is the same as her.– Her hobbies include singing.– Sohee was set lớn star on webdrama “Bubble Up” with Youngbin from SF9 but it was never aired due to unknown reasons.– Sohee participated on the “Crash Landing on You” soundtrack, with the song “Like You“.– Sohee và Saebom are the only known members khổng lồ own their own apartments.– Despite not learning choreography easily, Sohee was the quickest thành viên to learn “RICA RICA”.– She loves instant ramen.– She wants to do an Orange Caramel lượt thích concept.– Sohee và Uchae love the Bing Bing styling.– Sohee participated on the TV Show ‘Ssireum Goddess’, with many other popular female idols.– While practicing for “LIMBO!“, Sohee fell on Haru & Aurora during the ending pose.– Her favourite “NATURE WORLD: CODE W” tuy nhiên is “Rainbow”.

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