The reason mblaq's lee joon & jung so min break up after 3 years of dating


My Father is Strange actors Lee Joon and Jung So Min even continued their relationship during Joon"s military service. Here is what went wrong.

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My Father is Strange actors Lee Joon & Jung So Min have broken up after dating for three years.Instagram
It is confirmed. The Father is Strange actors Lee Joon and Jung So Min have ended their relationship. After the Dispatch reported the news, both the agencies confirmed the news of their breakup. Lee Joon & Jung So Min were dating for three years.

The Dispatch report claims that both ended their relationship recently but have decided to lớn remain good friends. Here is what led to lớn their breakup.

Lee Joon & Jung So Min are said to have spent a lot of time away from each other. Their tight schedules did not let them be in cảm biến constantly. This distance also caused the spark between them to die down và allegedly they drifted away from each other.

Agencies Confirm News

"It"s true that Lee Joon & Jung So Min have broken up. Lee Joon will greet the public soon with a good production soon," stated Lee Joon"s label Prain TPC.

"After confirming with the individual, we"ve learned that the couple"s breakup news is true," said Jung So Min"s label Blossom Entertainment. The agencies refrained from giving any reasons for the breakup.

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Survived Military Parting But Succumbed to Pressure?

It is said that Lee Joon and Jung So Min continued their relationship even when Joon was in the military. He was discharged from his duties in December 2019. Their relationship even survived the parting during Joon"s military service, but crumbled due to tight schedules owing to lớn their work.

Many relationships in the Kdrama and Kpop industry have suffered due to the distance, not being able khổng lồ be for each other due khổng lồ their tight schedules. Star couple Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy also was said khổng lồ have ended their relationship as they couldn"t be with each other & had to lớn spend most of their time away.

Currently, after breakup, both Lee Joon & Jung So Min have decided lớn focus on their work và entertain people with their dramas. Lee Joon will be making his comeback in dramas with Sea of Silence, a Netflix original series. He will be seen along with Gong Yoo and Bae Doo na in the drama.

The last drama of Lee Joon was with Jung So Min, My Father is Strange. After the drama ended he joined the military. Soon after completing his military service, Joon started hosting the radio show Lee Joon"s Youngstreet as Joon Haeng Ja on SBS power nguồn FM.

Waiting For Soul Mechanic to over Before Announcement?

Jung So Min"s 2020 drama Soul Mechanic ended airing its last episode (episode 32) on June 25. It looks like the couple was waiting for Soul Mechanic to kết thúc to make the announcement regarding their breakup as this could have affected the drama.

Lee Joon và Jung So Min first met each other in the sets of My Father is Strange drama that was shot in 2016 and went on air in 2017. Soon after the last episode of the drama was aired, it was reported that the couple was dating & they confirmed their relationship. The Dispatch was the first khổng lồ report their relationship in January 2018 after the two were spotted on a date in Cheongdam Dong.