Yg family on twitter: "#blackpink 'how you like that


We"re just a few hours away from the release of BLACKPINK"s How You lượt thích That. To lớn tease us further, a D-Day Poster was shared featuring the members - Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa và Rosé - looking their stylish best.

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The D-Day is finally here và BLINKS can't keep calm! That's right; BLACKPINK is officially making their highly-awaited comeback today và we're predicting a major BOP from the quartet. For the past few days, we've been getting major teases with concept posters and đoạn clip clippings. At 2:30 pm IST today, i.e. June 26, 2020, How You lượt thích That, BLACKPINK's pre-release single drops và from whatever we have heard so far, it's going to lớn be nothing short of extraordinary.

To tease BLINKS further, a D-Day Poster for How You lượt thích That was shared with the members - Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rosé - bringing forward their fashion A-game. Jisoo looked electrifying in an outfit that was a set of gothic and edgy. The 25-year-old singer adorned a black crop top with mesh sleeves và paired it with high-waisted loose jeans in a comfortable yet chic look. Chunky jewellery and rainbow-hued ankle-length boots added an edge khổng lồ her ensemble. Jennie spiced it up in an asymmetrical off-shoulder denim crop top which was paired with a sparkly high-low skirt that had a tassel hem. The 24-year-old rapper gave off school-girl vibes thanks khổng lồ her high socks và platform sneakers. A choker & her hair pulled back into a ponytail completed her look to lớn perfection.

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Lisa's look spelled luxury. The 23-year-old rapper styled her simple tank vị trí cao nhất with tie-dye pattern shorts and topped it off with a puffy faux fur coat. Her embellished choker & red cowboy boots elevated her look và gave it an edge. Finally, we have Rosé whose look was all about denim on denim. The 23-year-old singer wore dual-toned shorts which bore a frayed hem & brought back an age-old '90s trend with her denim leg and hand warmers khổng lồ match with her shorts. A multicoloured crop đứng top made for a pop of colour against her all-blue look. Her oải hương locks were styled in a half-up manner to keep away from her face and show off her winged liner.

Check out How You like That D-Day Poster featuring BLACKPINK members - Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa & Rosé below:

We love these fashionistas and how!

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