Face and body are “ten gold”

Dilracha Dilta wore a cut-out skirt, fans breathed a sigh of relief because she “had more skin và flesh” than before


On the evening of July 13, Dich Le Nhiet Ba appeared at a livestream event promoting products after rumors of abortion, according lớn news from Sohu. This is also the first time that the actress born in 1992 was exposed in the middle of a scandal related lớn abortion rumors và secretly married in the past.

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Appearing at this event, Dich Le Nhiet Ba cleverly showed off her top-notch physique with a tight ombre dress showing off her sexy bare shoulders & porcelain trắng skin. However, many fans realized that “Beautiful Xinjiang” was quite awkward when covering more than half of her face with her hair.

Dilrabố Dil appeared in the midst of an abortion scandal và was married in the past.

It turned out that the left eye of the female star of the movie Em is his pride suddenly swelled up, causing the eye lớn swell. Because the sự kiện could not be delayed, the actress skillfully handled it by covering it with her hair.

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Possessing undisputed beauty và popularity, Dich Le Nhiet Ba received the attention of a large audience. But recently, the 29-year-old actress suddenly got into a scandal related lớn her personal life. Specifically, Dich Le Nhiet Ba suddenly got caught up in rumors that revealed her past khổng lồ have had an abortion, secretly married a star in the entertainment industry named Me Nhiet. Being a hot beauty ahy vọng the top in Cbiz, this scandal directly affects the name and image of Dilraba Dil.

No evidence was given, but Dilraba’s reputation was also somewhat affected. Until now, actress Tam Sinch Tam The has remained silent before these rumors.

The clear beauty deserves the title of the top beauties of the Chinese entertainment industry.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba is a female artist highly appreciated by the truyền thông for her ability to lớn take advantage of her beauty, sexy và attractive style. From a young face, after only a few years under the promotion of her senior, she successfully became an A-list star, the most attractive sầu in the Chinese entertainment industry. Making yourself constantly appear on the tìm kiếm board for the hotdemo topic on Weibo is probably a way to help Dilraba’s name maintain the heat.

In her acting career, she has participated in many films such as: Lieh Co Truyen, Lieh fire lượt thích ca, Happiness at hvà, Tam Sinc Tam The occipital Thuong Thu, Truong Ca Hanh, Ngu Giao Ky You are a joy. your pride…