Chàng trai của em tập 2


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♪ và youth seems to lớn gradually close there are so many love affairs ♪♪ There are many times being lovelorn ♪♪ There are so much sadness and happiness ♪♪ Why vì chưng we find each other ♪♪ Isn't that unconscious, why don't we just protect each other once ♪♪ Looks lượt thích it's too late ♪♪ I have no chance ♪♪ Just come over & comfort ♪♪ Build with you lượt thích that ♪♪ I wish I could go back to lớn the old days when we walked together in the rain ♪♪ I'll scream loudly for the world lớn hear ♪♪ I love you! ♪(You are ma boy)Episode 2That’s impossible(Singer Nhat nam revealed evidence of homosexual love?)(Spillover news that Nhat phái mạnh loves gay?)(This is a man suspected of dating Nhat Nam)(Nhat phái mạnh is dating a male coffe manager?)(There is a doubtful that a young male star has a homosexual love, Nhat phái nam is immediately called out)I'm gonna die.Do you know how many people your mouth harms?Now what?Duong.Help me.Satisfied already!You are famous already!You are more famous than me already.You are the main character in the clip.You.One of them I can still beat.Now a bunch.They'll beat me và I can't beat them.Go away.Let me khuyến mãi with them, I'll khuyến mãi with you later.What would you like?Chocolate lemongrass orange peach tea, egg topping.Where is Nhat Nam?I called him already , he must be going down.Why did you trip me up?Which eye vì you see I tripped you up?Yeah.How obnoxious!My bad!If you have a problem with me, please tell me.Don't bởi vì this dirty thing anymore.Who vì you say is dirty?Hey...hey calm down.Calm down what?Where's your manager? Ask your manager to lớn come talk khổng lồ me.My manager...So faltering, there's no manager here so you're acting like that.Give me the manager phone number, I call and talk khổng lồ the manager.Now what?Now what?Give it lớn her.Come on!OK OK OK.I can't lượt thích your face.If I can call your manager.You guys shall find a new job.Hello! "Cao Coffee" is listening!I'm manager.Have we been filming for a while?Post to lớn expose this siêu thị for me.Expose this guy, expose this girl.Expose all of them, quickly!Do not let people misunderstand a beautiful girl lượt thích you.Just because of such an action.Handsome!!Hello.My name is Quoc, the owner of this cafe.Did my manager cause you problems?Your manager...Why are you stuttering?Seeing a handsome boy, you can't talk, huh.Spider leprechaun.Who vị you say "spider leprechaun"?I said you.I'm a frog.Your manager is cute and didn't vị anything.Cute what?Cute!!!He isn't cute.Watch this.That singer.Likes fan.In particular, that fan hâm mộ likes him too.But maybe they like each other too.Hello everyone.Huh?Why are you guys so stressed out?Here you are.You know who this story is about?The story is about two main people.That is, the first one is a very famous male singer.God, the mention is creepy.How bởi vì Nam explain about this?This is nothing lớn explain.Now whoever says what Linh also believes?There is no smoke without fire.Linh...How long has Linh been in the job.These are just small rumors, why did you believe that?I can't understand.But phái mạnh must know, Nam's position is now an idol.You have to lớn understand.Now Ha really apologizes lớn singer Nhat Nam.Because Ha dragged Mr.

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Phái mạnh into this troublesome love story.And really Ha ...Ha also apologized to lớn Mr. Nam.I was sorry Mr. Nam's fans & Mr. Nam's fans forgave Ha too.That is like everyone knows.Although Ha is beautiful, Ha is cute, Ha is lovely, but Ha is delusional.So Ha is in twilight state.The information is sometimes different from time to time everyone.Generally speaking it is like that.It's such a rush, everyone.And now goodbye everyone, see you on the next video.Come here.Ha presents to lớn me.Yesterday, Nhat nam giới came khổng lồ the shop.And?She just imagined it.Then they think it's real và they intend khổng lồ handle me.But they are easy to lớn trust people too.So people think the guy in this story is Duong.Um.Yeah!No way.What the hell?Oh.Duong & I are in love.They are in love!You are outrageous.Fortunately, I thought phái mạnh had a boyfriend.Yeah.Scared me out of my soul.So nam is mine.Mine.He's mine.Yours!But ... Looking at you so I didn't expect you to lớn be like this.Later, if you are tired of rice và crave the duck seeded frog, find me.OK, thanks.Yeah.Any problem?No.Of course.You made up stories about you và I love each other.But they also believed.That's right, if we can't tell this one, we tell another.Oh well..I mean, I don't tell any nonsense in the future.What is real, I tell.OK... Go clean up.OK.Is the story as simple as that?Didn't that girl explain too clearly.But Linh wanted lớn hear nam speak.Now if nam giới said no, would Linh believe it?How long has Linh been working with Nam.But you don't understand me?(I’ll return the clothes tonight at the cafe)(Don't come.)(Why? Because you have a crush on me? So you’re afraid when you see me your legs will be shaking and your heart will be beating pounding?)(Are you under an illusion?)(What? Did I tell the truth?)(God gives you a beautiful face but takes away your sense of shame, right?)(I don't want lớn be bothered by those people anymore.

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Bye)What? Say.Why are you not as sweet as your cake?Why should i be sweet to you?Huh?My fans came & messed with you?Did you pretend you didn't know or did you knowingly not?I didn't think they would come to lớn your shop either!Are you OK?Of course I’m okay.They can't bởi vì anything to lớn me.How about?Did they throw money into your face & force you to lớn break up with me?If they threw money, i would grasp it right away.Money is fairy Buddha, is the rebound of a spring.Why don't I gasp it.God, you love money so much?Of course.Everyone loves money.Um..Maybe I'll come to the cửa hàng tonight.I'll compensate for you.I wonder if you forgive me?If you’re not afraid of death, then just come.Uhm.So tonight, 9 o'clock.No, 8:55 PM. Don't talk much.What would you like?Give me a glass of fresh milk.Okay.Choose for me.Give me a glass of orange juice.OK.Give me a black coffee.OK.Any problem?You go out there, I have something to lớn tell you.Hey Duong.Why order so long?Are you River Blog?See ... I know I'm famous.See- Hey girl.In the future, you should talk less và less hóa trang stories.It's happy, but why are you so serious?Hey, you can't talk lớn me lượt thích that.Who are you?Introducing to lớn you, I am Nhat Nam's manager.Who suffered the most damage thanks khổng lồ your blog.Now you go out there.I need to lớn talk khổng lồ him privately.But I...Are you the character that the other friend said is a love triangle with Nhat Nam?Well..But my friend has corrected that there is no such thing already.Is Nhat nam giới often coming here?Nhat nam giới only comes to buy coffee.Only buy coffee, why did you guys have each other's phone numbers?Huh?How vì I know?I'm Nam's manager.All things related lớn Nam I know.Even personal matters?But you have not yet answered my question.What is the relationship between you & Nam?Why bởi you guys often text each other?Didn't you tell me that all the information about phái mạnh you know.Now you even ask me the opposite?I'm customer.You are staff.I wonder if you came khổng lồ see me today as a customer.Or Nhat Nam's manager?Both, okay?Then you are too multi-personality.You...If you're customer, please sit at your table.I will serve you.And if you met me as Nhat Nam's manager.Then I think we should have a word.You're also quick.I don't need a word.All I want is for you to leave nam giới alone in this comeback.Understand?Hey, where are you going?Well ... Did you see where Linh was?Linh, Linh just be here.Go kiểm tra at the boss's room.It's strange!But what are you looking for Linh?This is this month's plan, I want her to lớn look và inspect it.Well, just give it to me.If I meet her, I'll give her.It's fine, thank you so much.OK no problem.Thank you, goodbye.Give me your phone.Don't you know it's an invasion of other people's personal rights?I have lớn block Nam's number.So you can't text him anymore.You are Nhat Nam's manager that I thought you are his mother.This is Nhat Nam's manager, he had rumors with me.Hi.I'm Quoc, the owner of this coffee shop.And Duong's boyfriend.On behalf of the cửa hàng staff I apologize to you.Because of trouble with your artist.This misunderstanding has already been corrected.Right?Yeah.So what did you come here for?If you're customer.Then I hope you should respect the privacy of my staff.So you are a couple.Looks beautiful couple..But...Once "but" word appears.All previous sentences are meaningless.Duong.Well, don't say much more.What needs khổng lồ be done must also do.Block Nhat Nam's number for me.Sorry, if phái nam likes.The number-blocking will make no sense.I'm just afraid.You were cheated without knowing it.I don't have to worry about that.Alright.Here.Are you satisfied?You're also sensible.I have already transferred your salary.Why are you so upset?He has been angry since this morning.Why are you back so early?Today has an appointment with a customer.What are you mad at me?I did nothing.Why bởi you have to lớn apologize lớn her?We work as a service man, Duong.Take a step back to lớn make it all go smoothly.Come on.Don't be mad.You have two movie tickets, can go with me?Haizzz, go khổng lồ the cinema for free.After that, you can also eat fried fish balls.I suddenly remembered that I'm busy on Wednesday.I have to lớn facetime with my friend.Yeah, he's busy.Facetime with me, right?Why are you guys looking at me so serious?I bởi vì nothing.I came lớn return some things.And I think...I should go.Goodbye.Ha!Where are you going without waiting for me?No.Let me drive you home.Today I drive by myself.Looks lượt thích you have an appointment with a customer, right? You just go first.I don't have an appointment anymore.Wait a minute.Whoa.The item lượt thích this but have a high price.After you return the things, go home.Talkative.Suddenly I feel so hungry.Go eat.Hunger is your business, I'm not hungry.My stomach is growling.Go eat with me, please.Well? Will you go?Or I will carry you.No, I can go by myself, I can go by myself.Are you sure?Yeah.Good.Go.Ok, thanks.I order this và the dished as usual.Ok.Thank you.Do you know that eating one meal here is one-fifth of my salary?Normally, only wives regret money for their husbands.Are you crazy?I'll pay this.Don't worry.Give me your phone.Oh.You and your manager.Are a perfect couple.Give me your phone.No wonder ... I can't hotline you all the time.Well ... I'm not the only one.Without this number, I'll gọi another number.If we can't beat the flood, we buy buoys.Oh.Enjoy your meal.Thank you.You get what you pay for.The restaurant is beautiful, the food is delicious.Looks so appealing.I wish I could open a bakery or a restaurant lượt thích this in the future.This is my favorite restaurant.Did you date someone here?You are the first person that I led here.Are you still hungry?Let me order more dishes for you.Excuse me.No problem.What vì chưng you need?May I have the bill?Ok.It's really weird lớn play this game.Here.Well...I'm so thirsty.Are you still thirsty?Sit still.I can't understand.Famous singer like you without even having a penny in your wallet.So today without me, what are you going lớn do?Sometimes it is also necessary khổng lồ let others make mistakes.Thông thường, tôi hát một bài bác hát đủ để trả khoản này.If you are good, stay there and sing.Let's see if they will let you go.A week of my work has flown through the window.All right, I'll pay you tomorrow.You grumble like my wife.Hey, sit properly.If something happens, you have to lớn take responsibility for my life.Hold on.See, I told you.Here you are.Thank you.Huh?I feel this guy is familiar.Well... Close friend.Usually goes here.Yeah.Oh yeah, well, you guys enjoy your meal.Thank you.Huh?Nope, you must remember it wrong.Because he's so handsome.Do you have a girlfriend?I have a beautiful sister.Hey, you don't need to worry about that.He has a wife, two children, a boy and a girl.Family planning.OK, OK.OK, right?Bye.Thank you, thank you.Hey, this girl is familiar.Who?Come here, I'll eat all dishes of this shop.Whoa!Ha!Ha!Stop.God, why did you choose this shop? You killed me.Hello.You are the girl who loves boys và leaves friends, right?Loves boys and leaves friends.Hello?Huh?I remember someone telling me the other day.This girl is short & ugly ...Stop.You're wrong.I told you that her friend was ugly.What?Well, no no.Her friend's friend is ugly.I only have a friend Duong.Ha.It's delicious, eat it.It's both of you.Stay here và charge.I'm going home.Tomorrow I have to open the shop early.OK!I'm going.Sit down, Minh will drive you home.I drive Ha home.You drive Nam home for me, please.Here we are.Where's the button?Hey.The button, I can't see it.Do I own you?You can't even take off the helmet.You own me?I'll pay you.End of episode 2.