Cycle 4

- is going lớn recap Asia’s Next Top model Cycle 4 episode 2… at a later date. Unfortunately I can’t watch the episode live with you guys as I’m currently watching the Manila run of the critically-acclaimed musical Les Miserables at the Solaire Theatre.

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While you’re waiting for this recap to lớn be updated, you can kiểm tra out my AsNTM4 Episode 1 recap if you missed it. You can also kiểm tra out how I ranked last week’s Bubble Series photos.

Also kiểm tra out MITH Magazine’s third issue featuring Asia’s Next Top mã sản phẩm Cycle 3 alum Amanda Chan on the cover:

AsNTM Cycle 3’s Amanda Chan on the Cover of MITH Magazine!

Sneak peek at Episode 2

Since you’ll be watching the episode earlier than I am, I’m putting a twist on this week’s poll. I’m not going khổng lồ ask you for whose photo you liked best, I’m asking you whose photo you liked LEAST. Who among the #AsNTM4 girls had the WORST trampoline photo in Episode 2?

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Vote in the poll above, và let’s see if we have the same thoughts about the girls’ photos later this week.